• Gautam Dayal

Interview with environmental activist Seema Sharma

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Q: We know that there must have been several factors to blame for the recent burnings, but if you had to blame one or two organizations or civic bodies, which ones would they be, and why?

First, let me explain how exactly the care of Bellandur Lake is divided in the government. The KLCDA is the main agency and is in charge overall, with several smaller ones that work under it on different the different issues pertaining to the Lake. The BWSSB makes sure that big buildings such as apartments and tech-parks have installed proper STPs and ETPs, the BBMP is responsible for waste management, and so on. I would blame all of them, but mostly the KLCDA because it is supposed to lead the other agencies, and was not doing its job.

Q: Next, could you please tell us two long term and two short term actions that the government can take

Sure. The short term ones are that the BDA should frequently clean the weeds. Also, the BWSSB should implement the sewer gates which will stop the sewage from going in. The long term actions are that ETPs(effluent treatment plant) should be provided to buildings and the dumping of garbage should be stopped.

Q: Since the citizens would like to help as well, what are two things that we can do to help clean Bellandur Lake?

Firstly, the citizens should be aware of all the problems of the Lake and how some of their actions can have an impact on it. For example, people could be more vigilant about the waste they throw away and how it is segregated. They could also try get more involved with the cleaning efforts.

Thank you very much for your time.