• praneetg14

Get-to-know-the-lake Walk

Feb 24, 7 am, Suncity side,

On February 24, at 7 am, a few of us visited the Sun-city Apartments side of Bellandur Lake. During our visit to Bellandur Lake, we observed the surroundings and learned some interesting facts about the lake. We live close to the lake and experience its scenic beauty from afar, but parts are the exact opposite up close.

There was a huge pile of trash and plastic surrounding the lake and unused cleaning machines were left neglected at the side. They showed no sign of any recent use. As we walked around the lake we noticed the dirty water infested with mosquitoes and other strange insects. The foul smell engulfed the lake and its surroundings.

Black plumes of smoke from burning garbage next to the lake rose in the distance. We tried to go and stop the smoke but the road was blocked.

A touching incident was when we saw a two stray dogs jump into the murky, parasite-infested shore of the lake to bathe and play. This showed us the negative effects that the lake has on the animals in the area around it.

We also saw a small patch next to the lake with a scarecrow. That means lake used for farming. How toxic the food produce would be!

There were also many apartment buildings very close to the lake that will be suffering the smoke and froth spewed by Bellandur Lake.

There were parts of the lake that were scenic. We saw a man in a coracle boat taking grass for fodder for livestock. We also saw several birds at Bellandur Lake and wondered how many more there could be if it was cleaned. The list of birds we saw is below.

1. Indian Pond Heron

2. Little Egret

3. Cattle Egret

4. Barn Swallow

5. Spotted Dove

6. Common Myna

7. Black Drongo

8. Asian Koel

9. Great Cormorant

10. Purple Moorhen

11. White-browed Wagtail

12. Oriental White

13. Ashy Prinia

14. Green Sandpiper