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  • Priyanshu Kumath
    Jun 7

    Floating Islands mimic nature’s process and provide wetland effect to water-bodies to clean the water. FIs provide habitat to organisms such as invertebrates, insects, fishes, birds, etc to restore the ecological cycle. www.floatingislands.in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwCddyJvWfU http://clean-water.co.in/2019/05/23/floating-treatment-wetlands/
  • ks.bhargavi
    Mar 15, 2018

    Why cant we crowd fund this clean up project? It is very clearly evident the govt is not interested. Can we get a corporate to adopt this lake? Are you thinking on those lines?
  • gita_d
    Mar 7, 2018

    Wed, March 7, 6:10 am Garbage burning right in front of lake. Whatever happened to the CCTV cameras, and patrolling