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This website is by a group of us who live right next to Bellandur Lake! Every day, helplessly, we see the Bellandur Lake in front of our house: frothing, fuming, and stinking. This bothered us and made us want to help with the cleaning efforts.

We have realized that there are some really wonderful and dedicated efforts and information related to the lake, but they are scattered all over the Internet.  We want to bring citizens, teens, experts, government bodies, and information together to solve the problem of the lake and also celebrate its beauty.


savebellandurlake.org is a one-stop-shop for information, curated articles, events, photos, problems, and solutions. We have also included a Twitter feed related to Bellandur Lake.

Sign up on this website and start participating. Let's unite and restore Bellandur Lake to its original glory!

Contact us for more information.

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